The Highland Art Farm CSA begins Tuesday, June 5th in Bloomfield and Wednesday, June 6th in Glastonbury; we are so excited!  Please fill out the form below at your earliest convenience so we can plan ahead.  
Important information:
Beginning June 12th:
Tuesdays: 3-7pm, Highland Art Farm – 22 Duncaster Rd, Bloomfield
Beginning June 13th:
Wednesdays: 3-7pm, Deer Crest Farm – 3499 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury
Payment options
Weekly @ pick up, Monthly, or Seasonally
Cash, Check (HighlandArt Farm) . PayPal 
Contact: (in order of best results)
In person: Let me know what you need or ask questions when I see you at pick up.
By Phone: 530-515-7787 call or text with your name and requests or questions.  I welcome emails but I am not around an office often. 
Vacations and changes:
Vacations: We can suspend your order if you are going on vacation.  We require that you give us one week’s notice. (See above contact)
Changes:  We are happy to make occasional changes to your initial order.  It is not a weekly ordering system, but we want you to be happy
with your selections. We require that you give us one week’s notice. We can accommodate changes easily.  (See above contact)
What if I miss a pick up?
It happens! However, your share must be paid for.  We always pay our farmers in advance. We know that “life happens” and you may not be able to make it in time.  We can make arrangements to have you pick up the next day or we may even be able to deliver. We do not like to charge you for food you do not get. Please contact us if you can’t make it (see above contact).  
We hope you and your family will love all of the fresh, local food our CSA offers.  We rarely have to go to a grocery store during the CSA season, and that’s the way we like it!  We are always available to offer cooking tips, recipe ideas and ways to preserve your shares.
However,the “CSA style” is not a fit for everyone.  If you find that the CSA does not meet your needs, let us know.  We can offer you alternative  ways to support local agriculture.  Above all, we want happy members!
See you soon!  Thanks for supporting local agriculture.

CSA June 2018

  • Minimum 4 pounds / week. If less, please choose a monthly ammount.
  • Milk & Dairy